Q.  Who was the engineer of the Tunnel?
A.   An engineer by the name of Sydney William Yockney was appointed to bore the tunnel. Yockney was a prodigy of
       Isambard Kingdom Brunel. He began the bore from both ends and they met in the middle about an inch apart!

Q.   How long did it take to build the tunnel? 
A.   The tunnel took around about 6 years to complete and finally opened in 1890.

Q.   How long is the Tunnel?
A.   The tunnel is 3,443 yards long, 77 yards short of 2 miles; 3.142km.

Q.  Was anyone killed in it’s construction?
A.   Yes. 2 men were killed in an explosion and rock fall, others due to other causes.

Q.  Why was it constructed?
A.  It was constructed to transport coal to the ports of Port Talbot, Baglan, Neath and Swansea for shipping all over the world.

Q.  Who are the Rhondda Tunnel Society?
A.  The ‘Rhondda Tunnel Society’ was formed in the autumn of 2014. Initially, 19 locals gathered in the R.A.F.A.
      Club in Treorchy with regards to moving the headstone that formerly stood above the Blaencwm portal to Treherbert Station.
      It was then realised that support for re-opening the tunnel was huge and the project has grown ever since.

​Q.  Where is more information on the history of the tunnel?
A.  Look on this website in Media->Historic Documents. See Graeme Bickerdike’s article published in Rail Engineer on 3rd. Feb. 2016.